NanoSaar AG

NanoSaar AG

NanoSaar AG specializes on MJR (Microjet Reactor) nanotechnology. As an exclusive license owner of this patented nanotechnology NanoSaar AG develops various solutions for all nonpharmaceutical applications. One of the aims of the company is to commercialize the MJR technology for businesses like Health Care, Personal Care, Fragrances, Food & Beverage, Animal Health, Crop Protection, Chemicals, Packaging, Paint & Coating, Construction, Batteries, Medical, and Textiles.

The MJR technology has developed rapidly in the last 25 years. It can find its main use in chemical and pharmaceutical industry. In a special jet reactor two reactants clash against each other as impinging jets. Micro/nano - particles, - emulsions and - encapsulations are formed in one manufacturing step. The end product is usually highly homogenous. The Microjet Reactor setup is very easily constructed and could be changed in case of necessity. Highly precise particles are made in comply with EFSA and REACH regulations. Production capacity is quite flexible. The transfer to a larger scale can be achieved within small changes in the setup, keeping the same quality and particle properties. One of the special areas is the production of innovative micro -, submicron - and nano encapsulations. Among advantages of technology is the prevention of oxidation. During this process a chemical compound is coated with a special surface. More information about NanoSaar on its website.

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NanoSaar AG

Würmstaße 4
82319 Starnberg

Phone: +49 8151 959022-0

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