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CAP-XX Pty Ltd

About Company

Australian company, CAP-XX Pty Ltd develops and manufactures high surface area, thin film capacitors known as supercapacitors. The company has pioneered supercapacitor technology that leads the industry in power density by combining high capacitance and low internal resistance in a thin and flat package.

The World Economic Forum recently named CAP-XX as one of their Technology Pioneers for 2005.

These high-power energy storage devices enable manufacturers to make smaller, thinner and longer-running products such as cell phones, PDAs, medical devices, and power tools. Customers include manufactures of mobile communication devices, personal digital assistants, and portable modems, while enabling emerging medical and consumer applications such as white light emitting diodes flash in mobile phones and digital cameras.

CAP-XX products have received Green Partner Certification from Sony Corporation, a necessary step for all companies supplying components to Sony.

The company has its main operational, research and development base in Sydney, Australia, and sales offices in South Carolina and Texas, USA and Taipei, Taiwan.

Production is being expanded in 2005 with Polar Twin Advance (PTA) of Penang, Malaysia joining as a strategic partner. Other partnerships include US giant Intel, global finance corporation ABN AMRO, Taiwan-based global PC manufacturer Acer, Technology Venture Partners, Innovation Capital and large Silicon Valley VC fund Walden International.


Nano-electronics, Supercapacitors, Capacitors, Low Impedance (low ESR) power sources,

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CAP-XX Pty Ltd

Unit 9, 12 Mars Road
New South Wales, 2066 Lane Cove , Sydney

Phone: +61 (2) 9428 0139

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