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Gwent Electronic Materials

About Company

GWENT ELECTRONIC MATERIALS LTD. has invested in new high technology equipment to ensure the products that are manufactured are: -

  • Agglomerate free.
  • Dispersed under controlled conditions.
  • Exactly repeatable batch to batch.
  • Have controllable and repeatable rheological properties.

To support the above GWENT ELECTRONIC MATERIALS LTD. has access to the most advanced ceramic and metal powders. The majority of our essential metal and ceramic systems are custom made to our own specifications.

Further to ensure high standards and repeatability all products including research contracts are carried out to ISO 9000,ISO 16949, ISO 13485 standards. See our quality policy.

When reviewing the data presented in the rest of our web site please remember that this is designed to give an outline only into the type of product that we can manufacture.

In the majority of cases alternative resin or media systems are available i.e. water based or organic solvent based. Further the same applies to the method of application.

Our expertise in producing the carrying or media systems allows our company to formulate inks or pastes that can be applied by all of the common techniques i.e. screen printing, dipping, spraying, banding, Palomar dipping and hand applications.

Furthermore we are currently developing some of the newer techniques that are being introduced in the electronics and decorative industries such as silicon pad transfer, ink jet printing, flexographic,lithographic and other continuous printing methods.

Finally development is being carried out in all areas of inks, pastes and metallo-organic systems to produce base metal alternatives, the large majority of which will be available in an air fireable form or as low temperure curing systems..

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Gwent Electronic Materials

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