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Optotrack, Inc.

About Company

Optotrack, Inc. is a high-tech company leading in the research and development of novel optical, imaging, chemical, as well as biological sensors and microsystems. The company is dedicated to commercializing its proprietary intellectual properties based on microfabrication and nanotechnology to seize rapidly growing market opportunities in the industries of healthcare, communication, and homeland security.

Optotrack, Inc. offers a broad range of technology and business solutions from design through production to marketing and sales. We combine decades of industry experience and R&D expertise in thin-film science, polymer engineering, solid-state sensing, digital imaging, optoelectronics, RF circuitry, medical diagnostics, microfluidics, and drug delivery to provide enabling technologies to our partners, customers, and community.

Our mission is to deliver products and services of exceptional quality to cast the future, to improve the life quality for everyone.

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Optotrack, Inc.

P.O. Box 1242
North Carolina, 27512 Cary

Phone: +1 (919) 363-2802

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