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RIANDA Research

RIANDA Research

It is the object of RIANDA Research Centre, the research, innovation, development and dissemination of knowledge and technology in the areas of Energy, Health and Environment.

The company aims to contribute to idevelopment, namely: a) Promote, implement and develop activities and projects of fundamental and applied research in the areas mentioned, among others in the fields of: alternative energies and energy efficiency, energy and carbon markets, electrical and magnetic radiation, electromedical, biomedical engineering, biotechnology and nanotechnology, environmental health, environmental management, planning and sustainable development, climate change, air quality, water and soil and environmental technology. b) Provision of services to the community under study technical and scientific advice, expertise, diagnostic and experimental measurement. c) To promote scientific exchange with Institutions, national and foreign researchers, and joint participation in Programs and Research Projects in the country and abroad. d)Create, support and develop initiatives leading to the completion of training of human resources in these areas.

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RIANDA Research

Rua Eládio Alvarez Picôto dos Barbados, Ap. 4102
3030-280 Coimbra

Phone: 351 239 781 225

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