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Lamerholm Electronics Ltd

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Lamerholm Electronics Ltd provides a complete design solution for electronic products; design, manufacture and test. Specialising in embedded control and sensor technology our company has provided solutions to many industries.

Our clients include many blue chip companies as well as smaller companies who require electronics or software. Our design and manufacturing practises have been honed for the automotive sector to produce quality reliable products at low cost that are designed for manufacture.

Lamerholm Electronics Ltd are specialists in the monitoring of shock, movement and the physical environment of products in the supply chain.

Our solutions range from simple impact detection labels to forklift damage monitors, and tri-axial shock recorders.

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Lamerholm Electronics Ltd

Pendle House, Jubilee Road
Herts, SG6 1SP Letchworth

Phone: +44 (1462) 688070

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