Yflow SD

Yflow SD

The company manufactures Lab Devices for Process/Product Design and Ind Equipment for High Throughput Production.

For last 15 years since its foundation by the hand of Professor I.G. Loscertales (University of Malaga, Spain) and Professor A. Barrero (University of Seville, Spain), Yflow® S.D. has developed an outstanding know-how targeted from lab to industrial scale, in the theoretical basics and applications of Microfluidics Techniques. In particular, two main approaches so called Yflow® Coaxial Electrospinning & Electrospray Tech. (patented and licensed from a scientific paper published in SCIENCE (2002)) and Coaxial Co-Flowing (in collaboration with Georgia Tech School of Physics) are the core of Yflow® S.D. and target both fundamental research as well as commercial products. The use of Yflow® Coaxial Electrospinning & Electrospray Tech. lead either to the formation of core-shell nanoparticles and nanofibers, which are crucial for a variety of industrial and research applications such as food/agro technology, drug protection/delivery, pharma/veterinary, cosmetics, nanocomposites, catalysis and nanosensors or chemicals among others.

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Yflow SD

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