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Nanographite Materials (NGM)

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Nanographite Materials (NGM) is a joint venture between Applied Sciences, Inc., (ASI) and GSI Creos Corporation, (GSI). The company is co-located with ASI in Cedarville, Ohio and GSI in Japan. NGM is devoted to the production and marketing of Pyrograf®-I vapor grown carbon fiber, and composite materials based on this fiber. There is a special emphasis on the development of metal (copper and aluminum) and carbon matrix composites for thermal management applications. NGM combines ASI's strong technical and intellectual property portfolio with GSI's worldwide marketing and distribution capabilities to meet the emerging needs of thermal management for electronics and aerospace applications.

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Nanographite Materials (NGM)

P.O. Box 579
Ohio, 45314 Cedarville

Phone: 1 (937) 766 2020

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