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Nanoplas is a provider of innovative plasma-processing equipment for the semiconductor industry. The company’s vision is to achieve a paradigm shift in plasma source design to enable manufacturing of next-generation ICs.

Nanoplas has achieved its objectives by pioneering two innovative plasma technologies:

  • High-density radical flux (HDRF®) technology, which achieves a plasma density up to 1000 times greater than conventional plasma systems, enabling stripping processes to run at lower temperatures for damage-free, high-efficiency cleaning
  • Atomic-layer downstream etching (ALDE®), enabling extreme selectivity for dielectric film removal applications

Nanoplas plasma-processing tools are used by leading-edge microelectronics companies at wafer fabs in North America, Europe and Asia.

Delivering high performance and lower cost of ownership for a wide range of applications including surface cleaning, polymer removal, dielectric films etching, dry releases, photoresist stripping and surface activation. Nanoplas systems perform damage-free, lower cost and environmentally friendly processing at low temperatures with high productivity.

Nanoplas’ business model keeps the focus on technology innovation, process development and customer service. For example, Nanoplas are a fabless company. Nanoplas operate their technology center in Saint-Égreve, near Grenoble, France, while equipment production is outsourced to subcontractors specializing in manufacturing vacuum-processing equipment. This allows Nanoplas to deliver high product quality while maintaining lean manufacturing.

Nanoplas is backed by equity capital companies and is part of several European projects, supported by ENIAC, FSN, FEDER, OSEO and COFACE.

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Centre Scientifique d'Orsay
Bât. 503 – BP1, 91401 Orsay

Phone: +33 (1 69) 35 87 70

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