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Material Manufacturer

About Company

Nanocyl SA is the world leader in the commercialization and production of industrial multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) and conductive masterbatches.

The Belgium-based company was founded in 2002. Nanocyl industrial NC7000™ multiwalled carbon nanotube (400 metric ton, the largest European producer) provides solid performances at very low loadings to the Transport, Energy, Electronics, Industrial and Recreational Industries.

Alongside NC7000™ MWCNT powder, Nanocyl produces an easy to use series of products under the range Plasticyl™ Conductive Masterbatches. This covers from commodity polymers such as PP or HDPE to high performance polymers such as PEEK along with engineering plastics such as PC and PA. Plasticyl™ products are widely used by compounders, injection molders or end-users and do not require additional processes to be integrated.

A variety of liquid dispersions are also available such as:

  • Epocyl™, CNT/epoxy based dispersions widely used in structural composites for recreational and transport industries. This product is being introduced as well in various coatings;
  • Aquacyl™ CNT/water dispersions for heat production technologies (Joule effect) and conductive coatings.
  • Please refer to Nanocyl SA official website

Today Nanocyl employs 47 people and has a global presence ensuring a reliable supply of its product worldwide.

Nanocyl SA has non-exclusive distributor agreement with Safic-Alcan to strengthen its European deployment and has strong partnerships in Japan, South-Korea, China and USA.

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Nanocyl has a unique and patented catalyst composition and production processes of multiwalled carbon nanotubes. Nanocyl provides technical services to support its customers in developing new sustainable products/applications using its carbon nanotubes. Company continues to develop formulated value-added products to ease integration in customer production processes and Nanocyl plays also an active role in various European nanotechnology research projects.

Sales Contact

Mr Kosbach Laurent

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Rue de l'Essor, 4
B-5060 Sambreville

Phone: +32 (71) 750 380

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