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Honeywell - Electronic Materials

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Honeywell Electronic Materials is a leading materials supplier to the semiconductor industry and adjacent marketplaces. Backed by the power of Honeywell, a $30 billion industrial powerhouse, Electronic Materials provides research and development expertise, global reach, corporate stability and commitment that all helps ensure the success of our customers.

Our product portfolio in the semiconductor space includes offerings for both the front and back end of the manufacturing process, tapping into our unparalleled bench strength in both chemistry and metallurgy. We know that our customers face integration processes comprised of hundreds of steps, each one being affected by prior steps and affecting the ones that follow. Because of this, we believe our unmatched breadth of materials knowledge allows us to offer unique technical support and product development efforts. Specifically, our product portfolio includes solutions for advanced interconnect applications utilizing subtractive or damascene processes.

Honeywell's front end product families include; Anti-Reflective Coatings, Low-k dielectrics and Low-k enabling materials, PVD targets for wiring and barrier metals, as well as Spin-on planarization films and specialty Spin-on glasses. Materials for OEM process tools include thermocouples for diffusion furnaces and PVD chamber coils. Products such as heat spreaders, lids for thermal management, anodes and phase change materials provide leading edge solutions for advanced packaging and electrical interconnect processes.

Additionally, Honeywell is a premier supplier of high purity acids, etchants, mixed acid etchants, solvents, solvent blends and bases to the electronics industry. Currently, we are developing materials to serve the growing flat panel display (FPD) marketplace, based on our semiconductor offerings.

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Honeywell - Electronic Materials

7700 S. River Pkwy. Suite 2400
AZ, 85284 Tempe

Phone: 1 (480) 962 2000

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