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CiS Institut fuer Mikrosensorik GmbH

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Micro system technology is a key technology of the 21st century. It makes both entirely new products possible, as well as increasing the performance of products already existing for application fields, such as mechanical engineering, electronics, environmental monitoring, automotive, construction, medicine and bio-technology. Comparable with the effect of microelectronics in the previous decades, microsystem technology possesses a high innovations potential for the personal lives of the people as well as for industrial processes.

Microsensors, as part of microsystem technology, is the field of operations of the Institute for Microsensors.

The CiS Institute for Microsensors gGmbH in Erfurt is a non-profit research-establishment in the free State of Thuringia with close ties to the local industry. It sees itself as an R&D service associate, that carries out the development of micro-sensor solutions from the design stage up to the prototyping for industry.

The area of authority of the institute concentrates on

  • Optical
  • Capacitive
  • Piezo-resistive
  • Sensors and sensor systems

With its specialist areas

  • Microsystem development and calibration
  • Microsystem design
  • Wafer, chip and process technology
  • Assembly and packaging technology
  • Solid state analysis and particle measurement
  • Test and measurement technology

The institute has an extensive net value added chain from the development stage up to the production of microsensor components and systems.

More than 50 employees, mostly with college education, and extensive experience working together with industrial partners under the utilisation of the most modern equipment to realise exacting development and research tasks.

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CiS Institut fuer Mikrosensorik GmbH

Erfurt, 99099 Straße 14

Phone: 49 (0361) 66 31 410

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