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French Research Network in Micro and NanoTechnolog

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

The French Research Network in Micro and Nano Technologies (RMNT) is one of the Research and Technological Innovation Networks, whose creation was announced by the French Prime Minister during the Innovation Meetings in 1998. This network represents a new type of innovation funding set by the French Ministry or Research (Technology Direction). The aim of these networks is to promote technological transfers between public basic research and industry in government marked priority fields. RMNT is thus opened to all laboratories and companies working in these areas.

The application field of RMNT deals with sizing, operating, collective manufacturing and characterization of very small objects, down to molecular dimensions. This network operates in a very high technological and multidisciplinary field : biotechnologies, microelectronics, opto-electronics, nanostuctures and nanomaterials, power and microenergy, MEMS and MOEMS, assembling, hybridization, connecting, ultra-precision, etc.

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French Research Network in Micro and NanoTechnolog

17 rue des Martyrs,38054

Phone: 33 (438) 78 57 56

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