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Hefei Kaier Nanotechnology Development Co. Ltd.

About Company

Kaier Nano powders of Carbides, Nitrides, Borides & Silicon are manufactured by Plasma Arc Vapor Synthesis technology & reactor patented by the Hefei Kaier Nanotechnology Development Co., Ltd. founded in 1999 as a leader manufacturer of nanopowders of refractory non oxide ceramics worldwide, with more than 50 employees including engineers & scientists, commercially to serve the industries and academic institutions seeking for nanotechnology through using the nano particles and their dispersions in the world. The company is certificated with ISO90001:2000 standard.

Kaier Nano has well established the manufacturing capacity as 30 tons per line annually and a R&D team to customize new nanoparticles, surface modifications, and dispersion through Kaier nano’s talents with the spirit of Faith, Teamwork, Innovation and Efficacy.

Kaier Nano powders of Carbides, Nitrides, Borides, and Silicon provides new technology at nanoscale for the below fields: (1) microelectronics such as thermal conductive nano substrate etc., (2) transparent nanomaterials, (3) solar energy, (4) strengthening of ceramic, metallic and polymer nanomaterials, (4) excellent resistances on wear, corrosion, and high temperature, (5) refining agent for metals and alloys.

The distribution areas globally are north American, European and Asian countries like America, Germany, England, Japan, Korea and China et al..

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Hefei Kaier Nanotechnology Development Co. Ltd.

17 Tianhu Road, Hi-Tech Park
AnHui Province, 230088 HeFei

Phone: +86 (551) 5314886

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