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CardioMEMS Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

CardioMEMS, Inc. is a medical device company focused on the design, manufacture and sale of implantable wireless pressure sensors. Technology originally developed for monitoring the pressure in turbine engines was the inspiration for these sophisticated pressure sensors.

The EndoSure™ Wireless AAA Pressure Measurement System is indicated for use in the EVAR (endovascular repair) of abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA). The system is comprised of an implanted sensor and external electronics. The sensor is inserted into a patient’s aneurysm sac during the EVAR procedure and can wirelessly relay pressure information to the electronics from inside the sac. Since the goal of the EVAR procedure is to eliminate or minimize pressure on the walls of the sac, the sensor is an invaluable tool.

The technology used for the EndoSure AAA Pressure Measurement System is also being studied for use in other clinical applications. The company plans to initiate clinical studies that will assess the use of the sensor in thoracic aneurysms and in post-procedure surveillance. The technology used for the EndoSure Sensor is also being assessed for use in the management of patients with CHF (congestive heart failure). A clinical study will assess how the CHF (congestive heart failure) sensor can help patients with CHF avoid hospitalizations by providing early detection of clinical decompensation. The company expects that pressure data provided by the sensor will allow adjustment of medications to alleviate symptoms before they are severe enough to warrant hospitalization.

The wireless sensing technology developed by CardioMEMS, Inc. is protected by a large number of pending, issued and licensed patents. A proprietary electronic system is the source of the RF energy that is used to power the implanted sensor, which contains no batteries or wires. The implanted sensor responds to pressure changes, which are displayed as a real-time pressure waveform on the electronic system.

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CardioMEMS Inc.

75 Fifth Street, N.W., Suite 440
GA, 30308 Atlanta

Phone: 1 (404) 920 6700

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