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Nextreme Thermal Solutions

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Nextreme Thermal Solutions manufactures advanced thermoelectric components to address the escalating thermal management needs of the semiconductor, photonics, test-and-measurement and defense/aerospace industries. These high-performance solid-state components operate as miniature heat pumps for cooling semiconductors and other electronics, and for fiber-optic laser control and thermal management of integrated optoelectronics. Nextreme's unique thin-film technology provides an industry first - the embedding of an active cooling device in close proximity to the die of an integrated circuit. Other applications include converting heat into electricity for advanced power generation applications, thermal batteries and automotive energy management.

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Nextreme Thermal Solutions

3040 Cornwallis Road P.O. Box 13981
NC, 27709-3981 Research Triangle Park

Phone: 1 (919) 990 8300

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