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Poly Optics Pty Ltd

About Company

Australian company Poly Optics Pty Ltd manufactures fibre-optic lights, used in the construction industry. The company’s standard product includes fibres that emit light from their end or along their length (called end light and side light cables respectively). The product emits all the light from its source (a light emitting diode) over a distance of up to five metres, and is three times brighter than other products in the market, creating an effect that is similar to a low-power neon light.

Architectural applications include flexible aisle and step-lighting systems for use in cinemas or other low-light environments. Because LEDs are highly reliable and low consumers of power, each step utilises less than a 10th of a watt of power, and generates no heat.

Poly Optics has installed its technology in hospital wards and nursing homes, for applications such as illuminated handrails. The company recently received a research grant from the Queensland government to develop replacement technology for fluorescent lighting in refrigerated drinks cabinets, with a low-heat alternative.

Poly Optics is an export-oriented business that already has numerous customers in the US. It is a partner with DuPont, and in 1998 was awarded the largest fibre optic lighting system project in the world, illuminating the 70 story Cheung Kong Building in Hong Kong. In 2004 the company was named by DuPont as the winner of its Innovation Award in the category of Construction and Architecture.


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Sales Contact

Mr Eddy Joseph
Managing Director

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Poly Optics Pty Ltd

1/18 Leda Drive
Queensland, 4220 Burleigh

Phone: +61 (7) 5520 2222

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