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Quantum Science Research at HP Labs

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

The Quantum Science Research (QSR) group at HP Labs is exploring the limits of the physically possible by focusing on the fabrication of nanometer-scale structures and the measurement and understanding of their properties. QSR's research into molecular-scale electronics is inspired by the realization that the fundamental limits to the power efficiency of computation, as described by Richard Feynman and others, lie as much as a factor of one billion beyond the presently known capabilities of silicon integrated circuits. QSR researchers span a broad range of academic disciplines, including computer architecture, theoretical solid state physics, electrical engineering, materials science, and physical chemistry.

Within the last year, QSR has begun a new basic research program in nanoscale classical and quantum optics for information processing applications, with an emphasis on areas of interest that complement and extend QSR’s existing program in nanoelectronics. Our research is focused on harnessing the laws of quantum mechanics for optical information science and technology, allowing ever higher levels of integration and eventually leading to a “Moore’s Law” for optical information technology.

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Quantum Science Research at HP Labs

3000 Hanover Street
CA, 94304-1185 Palo Alto

Phone: 1 (650) 857 1501

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