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Industrial Science & Technology Network Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Founded in 1997, Industrial Science & Technology Network, Inc. (“ISTN”) is a dynamic, innovative advanced technology company specializing in the development of nanotechnology-enabled products. These products rely on the control of material composition, form and structure at the sub-micron level to deliver a superior combination of cost-effectiveness and performance. The Company’s proprietary technology platform, which is based on over 10 years of R&D in organic-inorganic nanostructures, can effectively address customer and end-user needs in a variety of large markets, including building products, chemicals, communications, defense, electronics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and transportation. In order to enhance its positioning in today’s increasingly competitive intellectual property environment, the Company is committed to delivering continued innovation through a fast-paced, highly responsive approach to product development.

ISTN’s objective is to utilize its platform technology to develop nanotechnology-enabled products for three highly promising application areas- industrial products, opto-electronics and biotechnology. The Company’s primary commercialization strategy is to build mutually beneficial relationships with leading manufacturers in these industries to accelerate the path to market of its products. These strategic partnerships allow ISTN to leverage its partners’ vast knowledge of market dynamics and commercialize its products without the substantial initial investment required to establish in-house manufacturing capabilities. Meanwhile, they enable the manufacturer to capitalize on the tremendous commercial potential of nanotechnology without having to invest significant internal resources. ISTN is also willing to license a mature technology to a corporate partner or work with investors and partners to create spin-off companies built around ISTN technology.

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Industrial Science & Technology Network Inc.

2101 Pennsylvania Avenue
PA, 17404 York

Phone: 1 (717) 843 0300

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