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Digital Optics Corp.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

For more than 12 years, DOC has been committed to driving the technological development of micro-optics and optical integration solutions. Research and development efforts have driven industry advancements in binary optics, micro-refractive optics, volume replication, and cost-effective optical integration solutions, to name a few. Both design (methodology and tools) innovations and fabrication process innovations are yielding higher performance and lower-cost solutions for our customers.

Additionally, our customer’s benefit by gaining access to our extensive micro-optics and optical integration portfolio of know-how and intellectual property developed over the last decade. Currently, our customers have access to more than 66 issued patents and licenses, with more than 70 additional patents pending. Through continued technological innovation, Digital Optics Corporation is committed to meeting our customers needs for both their current product generation as well as their future product generations and innovations.

AURORATM illumination solutions are photolithographically-fabricated, controlled-angle diffusers that are used in the illumination systems of high-performance step-and-scan tools. The use of controlled-angle diffusers enables optimum illumination of stepper reticles to help minimize feature size and maximize the operating process window for the tool, resulting in a higher-performance chip or a higher yield for the semiconductor chip manufacturer.

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, DOC is a worldwide leader in micro-optics and integrated micro-optical sub-assembly design and manufacturing services for high-performance, small form factor, cost-effective optical solutions. Industry-leading capabilities include diffractive optics, refractive optics, SiOB, and the integration of passive and/or active components at die and wafer-levels. DOC offers solutions for consumer electronics, sensors, medical devices, semiconductor equipment, vision systems, data storage and more.

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Digital Optics Corp.

9815 David Taylor Drive
NC, 28262 Charlotte

Phone: 1 (704) 887 3100

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