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Miniature Tool & Die Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Miniature Tool & Die, Inc. designs and manufactures microscopic medical devices in a precision cleanroom facility in Massachusetts. MTD is one of only two micro moldmaking companies in the U.S. and manufactures some of the tiniest medical devices in the world. The smallest micromolded component in the world is manufactured at MTD and is 520 parts per single plastic pellet (a plastic pellet is about the size of a sesame seed). Our skilled staff and high precision equipment are capable of micromolding to sub-micron level feature sizes. MTD is a family-owned and run business founded 32 years ago to manufacture miniature connector injection molds for the electronics industry. For the past six years, our company has undergone extensive research and development in the design and manufacture of micro molds with micron feature sizes that are nano in weight.

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Miniature Tool & Die Inc.

15 Trolley Crossing Road
MA, 01507 Charlton

Phone: 1 (508) 248 0111

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