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Klocke Nanotechnik Ltd.

About Company

Developments since 1992 in the young field of micro- and nanotechnology means: Klocke Nanotechnik entered the market even before it existed. Their first microgripper was presented in 1994 - but at that time there was nothing to grip. Now Klocke Nanotechnik can benefit from this longtime experience with partners all over the world.

Based on an invention of the Research Centre Jülich (IGV, K.H. Besocke) Dr. Klocke and his team developed the Nanomotor including electronics and software. This company defined standards for fabrication and quality control in close cooperation with its suppliers to guarantee manufacturing in maximum quality.

An international network of customers and partnerships in different markets has given Klocke Nanotechnik the experience to produce complete systems in short time and to meet the particular needs of their customers. This knowledge and the membership in a micro-technology network (IVAM) allows the company to find solutions even for complex problems.

Besides Klocke Nanotechnik's business segment "Systems" offering complete turnkey solutions, their well-known Nanorobotics and Nanomotor products are now summarized in the business segment "Components".Their nanorobotics and Basic products include:

  • Nanorobotics - A Bridge between Nanotechnology and Mechanical Engineering
  • Basic products - Nanomotors
  • Electronics - Ethernet based network electronics. 

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Klocke Nanotechnik Ltd.

Pascalstr. 17
Germany 52076 Aachen


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