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Newnagy (Tangshan) LLC is a modern hi-tech company that specializes in the research, development, production and sales in nanotechnology. It possesses unparalleled advantage in the nanogenerator (NG) field.

The company owns many core patents worldwide associated with nanogenerators and nanogeneration, and is a leader in the area. Newnagy gained a lot of attention and support from the government for commercialization of NG technology. Its team consists of world-class experts and seasoned talents in scientific research, management, finance, law and intellectual properties. They hold masters, Ph.D. and MBA degrees from top domestic and overseas universities.

Newnagy is committed to developing state-of-the-art products through relentless innovation and cutting-edge technology, and to providing employees with a comfortable and advanced R&D and work environment. The company is a wholly foreign funded enterprise with registered capital of 50 million USD.

Headquartered in Tangshan City, Hebei Province, China. The company has an office at Palm Beach, Florida in the United States, and will establish some subsidiaries across China. Newnagy focuses on the nanogenerator technology and its applications. Its product development covers frontier domains such as micro/nano power sources, micro/nano machining technology, infrastructure monitoring, the Internet of Things, personal electronics, medical inspection chips, and biosensors.

In China's "Twelfth Five-year Plan", energy conservation and environmental protection, information technology, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, alternative energies, new materials, and green automotives have become the strategic industries worth cultivating and developing.

By 2020, these emerging industries will have arrived at a stage of healthy growth. They will help enormously upgrade China's industrial structure, and contribute to 20% of the GDP. Nanogenerator technology has not only profound influence on traditional industries, but also wide application prospects in emerging industries. The scientific principles that nanogenerator is based on by utilizing nanostructures to realize energy conversion can possibly be applied to large-scale energy harvesting such as converting wind energy and ocean wave energy to electricity.

Newnagy firmly believes that the commercialization of NG technology will play a key role in the structural transformation of the nation's economy.

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Suite 1001, Hi-tech Headquarters Building
Tangshan, Hebei, P.R. China, 063000 101 North Jianshe Road

Phone: 86 (315) 3187166

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