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Nano-Proprietary Inc

About Company

Nano-Proprietary, Inc. (NNPP) is a holding company consisting of two high-tech subsidiaries: Applied Nanotech, Inc. (ANI), and Electronic Billboard Technology, Inc. (EBT). These two technical subsidiaries focus on specific technologies, playing an integral part of Nano-Proprietary's vision of providing cutting-edge solutions for the microelectronic and display industries. The Company's focus is Carbon Field Emission (CFE) products, and related electronic display products utilizing thin carbon film, diamond film, and diamond-like carbon film (DLC).


ANI has an extensive intellectual property portfolio (over 70 issued and over 40 filed patents) in the field of nanotechnology and a well-trained and well-managed nanotechnology research and development team. Their patent portfolio includes multiple fundamental claims for carbon nanotubes field emissions cathodes, which enables the company to further control critical components of nanotechnology, and advance its commercial vision of the technology. Currently ANI is in advanced development for the application of electron emitting carbon nanotubes cathodes in a number of areas, including large area color televisions, new lighting devices, x-ray, and microwave generators.

Applied Nanotech is also advanced in the area of nanotechnology for sensors, where research and development using nanotechnology involves interaction at the molecular and particle level. ANI experts are also working on new nano materials that are, or will be necessary for specific applications – including some that do not necessarily exist yet


EBT has developed unique and patented products in the field of digital display technology, including the E-Window™ and the VERSAtile™ LCD Billboard. EBT is now focused on licensing this technology to others for use in retail point-of-purchase advertising and other industries.


NNPP was incorporated in 1989 and quickly emerged as a leader in the new technology of diamond deposition for electronic and protective coating applications. It completed a $5 million initial public offering (IPO) in1993 under its previous name, SI Diamond Technology, Inc.

In 1993, upon discovery that their thin film diamond provided an excellent cathode for Field Emission Displays (FED's), NNPP acquired Plasmatron Coatings & Systems, Inc. to support development of production equipment for diamond field emission.

In 1995, NNPP further expanded by acquiring Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation's (MCC) diamond field emission intellectual property and fabrication facility. The facility supported SIDT's diamond field emission development and provided semiconductor wafer bumping and packaging services under the name of Diamond Tech One, Inc. (DTO).

During 1996, SIDT demonstrated high brightness field emission picture elements. The elements have shown great potential in applications of large outdoor displays and specialty lighting. This technology is currently being commercialized by Applied Nanotech Inc. (ANI).

In 1996 SIDT also demonstrated a complementary technology for large outdoor displays using liquid crystal display (LCD) technology. This technology provides a dynamic product for outdoor advertising and features a low price and excellent picture quality. This technology was developed and patented by EBT.

To better focus on its core areas of research at ANI and EBT, NNPP divested itself of Plasmatron, Inc. in 1997 and Diamond Tech One, Inc. in 1998.

To facilitate the electronic billboard development work at EBT, NNPP acquired Sign Builders of America, Inc., a small manufacturer of outdoor signage, in 1999. From 1999 through 2001, EBT developed a sun-visible outdoor electronic billboard, as well as indoor point-of-purchase display products.

In 2002, as the result substantial progress at ANI, a decision was made to focus the majority of our effort and resources on the intellectual property at ANI. NNPP sold the operations of Sign Builders of America, and restructured EBT to focus on licensing its technology, rather than continued development, marketing and sales of products. Effective July 1, 2003, SI Diamond Technology, Inc. changed its name to Nano-Proprietary, Inc.

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Nano-Proprietary Inc

3006 Longhorn Blvd, Suite 107
Texas, 78758 Austin

Phone: 1 (512) 3395020

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