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QuantumSphere, Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

QuantumSphere, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of nanoscale metals and alloys for applications in renewable energy, electronics, aerospace, defense and other markets demanding advanced materials.

QSI-Nano® metals and alloys were developed in response to the critical need for low-cost, efficient clean-energy solutions with proven durability in a wide range of commercial applications.

From R&D to ROI, the company is leveraging its leading market position to manufacture and ship high-performance catalyst materials and electrode devices for clean-energy applications such as batteries and micro fuel cells for portable power, photovoltaics (thin film solar cells) and hydrogen generation, among others.

By enabling low-cost, efficient renewable energy production with high-performance nano catalysts, QuantumSphere is delivering on the promise to alleviate our nation's over dependency on conventional sources of energy, today.

The company accomplishes this without compromising its commitment to the environment and the community. No other known company offers these performance advantages.

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QuantumSphere, Inc.

2905 Tech Center Drive
CA, 92705 Santa Ana

Phone: 1 (714) 545 6266

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