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CFD Research Corp.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

CFD Research Corporation (CFDRC) specializes in engineering simulations and innovative designs. First-principle based multidisciplinary simulations facilitate Objective Decisions in the development of new concepts, designs, and operations of engineering equipment and systems.

CFDRC's software allows coupled Multiphysics, Multiscale, simulations of fluid, thermal, chemical, biological, electrical, and mechanical phenomena for real-world applications. Such simulations enable Better Decisions and facilitate Better Products with lower risk, reduced cost, and less time.

Using its software and experimental facilities, CFDRC develops new hardware concepts, innovative designs, and prototypes. Selected designs are patented and licensed to interested manuacturers (Patents Portfolio).

CFDRC has grown steadily and profitably every year since its inception in 1987. Our software products and services are used by over 500 organizations, including over 50 Fortune 500 companies, worldwide. Major industries include: Aerospace, Biomedical, Defense, Electronics, Materials, Power, and other industries.

CFDRC's hemodialysis catheter has been licensed to a biomedical company, and will reduce hospitalization time for dialysis patients. Likewise, a gas turbine fuel injector has been licensed to an aircraft engine manufacturer, and will significantly reduce engine emissions. In recognition of CFDRC's commercialization successes, we have been awarded the prestigious Tibbetts Award and have been cited in the success stories of several government agencies (such as NASA and the U.S. Navy).

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CFD Research Corp.

215 Wynn Drive
Alabama, 35805 Huntsville

Phone: 1 (256) 726 4800

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