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Luxtera Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Luxtera was formed in 2001 to take advantage of the fact that with production CMOS line widths in the vicinity of 100nm the CMOS process itself can be used to create an array of complex photonic devices. Luxtera's CMOS Photonics™ devices are fully integrated with CMOS electronics and are also orders of magnitude smaller (and hence in many cases faster) than traditional photonic elements.

Because Luxtera leverages the extraordinary economies and infrastructures of CMOS in terms of software, processing, testing and packaging, it is the first company to build photonic solutions that is truly “fabless” in the sense that from the very beginning Luxtera's chips have been fabricated in one of the world's major fine-line width production CMOS processes.

Luxtera's product roadmap is focused on fulfilling the insatiable demand for bandwidth by directly integrating high speed fiber-optic network interfaces into standard CMOS chips. Luxtera's products are designed scale up not just in their ability to move huge amounts of data from one chip to another (with virtually no regard to distance or bandwidth), but also to leverage Moore's Law to build exponentially increasing amounts of data processing inside the network interface itself.

Luxtera's culture is focused on being the best in the world at everything we do. Caltech, one of the world's eminent technical institutions, provided us with our initial base of intellectual property and serves as an ongoing R&D partner. Our venture capital is provided by some of the world's most successful venture capital partnerships (Sevin Rosen Funds New Enterprise Associates, and August Capital). Our team includes accomplished business and technical leaders from a cross-section of the world's major technology companies and academic institutions including: AMD, Caltech, Intel, JDSU, Lucent, Motorola, MIT, Nortel, Stanford and Tellabs. Last but not least, we're located in one of the greatest places to live in the world, the southern California coast north of San Diego.

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Luxtera Inc.

1819 Aston Avenue Suite 102
CA, 92008 Carlsbad

Phone: 1 (760) 448 3520

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