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Welcome to future generation products on bionanotechnology at Velbionanotech(VBN) established in March 2002, This was set up to promote Research & Development worldwide, making use of proven latest throughput technologies.VBN analyze genes and proteins for drug discovery. Nanochip designing and microbial Nanochip designs are other areas in our R & D maintained for delivering of drugs on the diseased genes in the human body.

Velbionanotech Core areas of research on Nuero, Cardiac, Urology areas.

Velbionanotech is designing drugs for various diseases such as Heart Disease, kidney stones, AIDS, Cancer, cosmetic generic products using a short fragment of DNA as a new type of drugs. These drugs are assembled in Nanochips and as nano particals for delivering in human body, which are affective in curing the sick/diseased and healing the injured.

VBN are working into New gene therapy procedures, DNA-based sensors, and other medical applications by using a new method developed to initiate and control chemical reactions on DNA strands. On the other hand silicon-based nanochips with itching and self-assembling techniques used to deliver drugs on the diseased molecules.

We are designing bionano products for the treatment of various diseases for Kidney stones,Gallbladder,Liver, Lungs,Heart etc mixing biology with traditional machinery.

VBN Nanomedicine prepared for Heart disease, Galbladder, Liver, Kidney stones will have no side effect and it is safe to use since it is herbal.

VBN are looking at the research units who are interested for the M & AQ , Colaboration.

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#ff10,first floor, City Point,Infantry Road,
560 001 Bangalore

Phone: +91 (80) 41238617

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