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United Nanotechnologies Pvt. Ltd.

About Company

United Nanotechnologies Pvt. Ltd was established with an aim to cater products based on Nanotechnology for the Indian market.

At United Nanotechnologies, our topmost priority is to provide quality service to our customers in a dynamic environment where convergence of business the way it is done traditionally and the use of futuristic technology paves way to a society with unimaginable possibilities. Our approach therefore is focused on new ways of combining business and Nanotechnology innovation. We work with large corporations and new generation technology companies - to assist in realizing new products.

United Credit Limited, successor to the United Bank of India Ltd, are our promoters.

Currently our focus is on surface coatings based on Nanotechnology. Our product list comprises of:

  • Anti-Corrosive Coatings for metals.
  • Coatings for ceramic tiles and sanitary ware.
  • Water repellent coating for automotive windshields.
  • Coatings for construction glass.
  • Coatings for marbles and granites.
  • Coatings for natural stone.

We at United Nanotechnologies are constantly exploring other avenues of the exciting field of Nanotechnology: to capitalize on the huge potential it could offer.

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United Nanotechnologies Pvt. Ltd.

27B Camac Street
700 016 Kolkata

Phone: +91 (33) 2287 9359

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