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Material Manufacturer

About Company

The OWIS GmbH is the worldwide leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art precision components for the optical beam handling and of micro and nano-hybrid positioning systems. OWIS® products are applied in fields like information and communication technology, biotechnology and medicine, semiconductor and image processing industry as well as mechanical engineering.

Founded in 1980, OWIS® recognized in time the market demand for special opto-mechanical parts, a segment where only few suppliers were present. In particular, there were almost no enterprises ready to produce customized solutions in very small lots. From the very beginning, OWIS® has concentrated on this market segment and has ever since continued to specialize themselves. Furthermore, OWIS® belonged to the first companies having system components set up on profile rails in their stocks. The fact that this system is still very popular in all laboratories worldwide and that it is still regularly used, confirms its high acceptance.

Today, OWIS® has about 50 employees and is present in many countries worldwide through agencies. In Germany, Austria, Denmark and in the Benelux Countries distribution is made by the own sales force. Individual solutions are also locally worked upon with the customers. Many customers from universities, laboratories and industry enterprises appreciate OWIS® because of their competence and reliability and because of the quality and the compatibility of their products. For OWIS®, quality and precision “Made in Germany” have top priority, not at last ensured by the certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.

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