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Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group)

Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group)

This is a leading healthcare company in China specializing in modern biopharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

This company was established in 1994 and its operations strategically include several important segments of the healthcare industry covering pharmaceutical manufacturing, distribution and retail.

Moreover, the company has a leading market position and unmatched advantages in pharmaceutical distribution and retail, healthcare services, diagnostic products and medical devices, and maintains a strong focus on research and development and manufacturing.

Their research and development activities include therapeutic fields such as metabolism and alimentary tract, the cardiovascular system, anti-tumor, central nervous system and anti-infective drug. The Company has market-leading products in China in such segments as liver diseases, diabetes, tuberculosis and diagnostic products. In addition, it is the leading provider of anti-malaria medicines globally.

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Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group)

1289 Yishan Rd, Xuhui,

Phone: 86-21-33987590

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