This firm has established proprietary technologies for nano-liposomal formulation techniques.

This company was established in 2000. The main business of this firm is discovering and developing innovative products for a life science industry based on using of natural products. They has developed proprietary technologies to transform natural raw materials into active ingredients to deliver benefits to the skin. By providing products that meet the high standards of the personal care market they have delivered successful results to their customers. They use very well-known traditional technologies to transform the nature into excellent ingredients for personal care products. Natural products can be unstable; however, BioSpectrum’s unique technologies overcome instability which leads to production of stable form for natural active compounds. BioSpectrum can evaluates product efficacies such as hydration, recovery of UV-induced damage, anti-aging, pigmentation, anti-cellulite, sliming, hair growth/loss, various antimicrobial activities, atopy etc.

Business Type: Nanotextile » | Biotechnology » | Electrotechnics » |


SK Ventium 101-701, #552 Dangjung Dong
435-776 Gunpo City

Phone: +82-31-750-9400

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