They are developing bio-new drugs and essential materials.

This South Korean company is developing new drugs that should help reduce or destroy cancer tumors. Among their very good and effective products belongs Anti-Cancer Agent for Head and Neck that effective cure tumors. Next is Oral Delivery Platform Technolgy - the developed conjugate synthesis can be directly applied to not only carcinostatis substances but also other synthesized injection drugs and bio-generic drugs(peptide, protein drugs) or Neuropathic Peptide Pain-Killer. They clame that he development of a new painkiller is necessary because of the serious side-effects of aspirin and opium drugs that target Cox-2 and Opioid receptor. This research has shown that the ω-conotoxin FVIA extracted from the Korean cone shell has the same effects as the ω-conotoxin MVIIA from the Phillipine conterpart and also has a good reversibility which leads to less side effects.

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#306 Siheomsengsan-dong, Gwangju TechnoPark, 958-3 Deachon-Dong
500-706 Gwangju

Phone: +82-61-395-1180-1183

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