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Cube Optics AG

Cube Optics AG

HUBER+SUHNER Cube Optics is your competent partner when it comes to fiber-optical components and carrier-grade transport solutions for your broadband network.

CUBO (Cube Optics AG) uses proprietary technologies to supply customers with extraordinarily compact, high performance and robust fiber optic components, integrated modules and systems. Our exceedingly adaptable optical building blocks enable creative and cost effective solutions for data communications, telecommunications, industrial sensors and medicine. CUBO innovation offers very small footprint, easily customizable functionality, simple and flexible interfacing and reliability against environmental stress. Products extend from components used by OEMs to custom designs imbedded into subassemblies to complete stand-alone systems installed with carrier-class network operators.

CUBO began exploiting proprietary packaging of optical sub-elements on a microscopic scale in 2000 financed by The Carlyle Group, Star Ventures, Target Partners and Sevin Rosen Funds. Initially supplying Course Wavelength Division Multiplex (CWDM) components to OEM equipment manufactures, CUBO began integrating a uniquely small, high performance and the robust optical polymer bench architecture into compact subassemblies and plug-and-play modules installed with many of Europe’s telecom carriers and new and expanding network providers. Main applications for CUBO products are devoted to passive optical networking for Metro Core, Metro Access, Datacom & Enterprise, CATV and 3G-Telephony. In addition, CUBO has built a portfolio of components, modules and subassemblies for wavelength selective sensing applications in the oil & gas industry, bio-medical devices, optical network test and measurement instrumentation and data transport for security and defense.

The unique benefit of CUBO’s micro-injection molding technology is that all significant structural and functional features, the related passive alignment indexes as well as manufacturing and test process markets are created during forming. The final packages, compromising various optical building-block-like elements assembled into sub-elements, are the smallest Telcordia qualified components of their kind. The modular assemble approach permits flexible customization for lower volume applications without sacrificing economies of scale for optimal production cost at high volumes.

Cube Optics ships products conforming to Telcordia standards and operates its facilities according to ISO 9000. CE and NEBS standards are also observed.

Not only through our minimal dimensions are CUBO’s products efficient in terms of use of raw materials and load on our environment, we began implementing the EU ROHS directive years before the directive came into effect. CUBO also observes the highest levels of workplace safety and security.

CUBO design, application engineering, prototype and production facilities are located in Mainz, Germany about 30 minutes from the Frankfurt airport. You may call on a CUBO represented the East Coast and the West Coast of North America.

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Cube Optics AG

Robert-Koch-Strasse 30
Germany 55129 Mainz


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