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Calevia use a nanobiotechnology for a non-invasive methods how to destroy tumors.

The work of Calevia is based on combine proven molecular targeting technologies and their cutting-edge photo-activable graphene material- known as MesoGraf™Xide. This graphene-based platform represents an innovative approach to focal cancer treatment. Their main aim is to develop a suite of bio-conjugates targeting several solid tumor types. This method destroy cancer cells by in a non-invasive, non-pharmacological and efficient way.

Calevia plans to develop a suite of MesoGraf™Xide-based bio-conjugates for the thermal eradication of a range of solid cancers, including protate, skin, bowel, head and neck and cancers of urological origin in men and women.

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912-130 Albert Street
K1P 5G4 Ottawa

Phone: 613-238-7417

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