Nanopharma is an engineering company focusing on research, development and production of innovative materials using nanofiber structures.

Nanopharma has built up strongly practical knowledge and experience in electrospinning of a wide range of natural and synthetic polymers and providing specific useful properties to the nanofiber layers produced by using a number of functionalization techniques and modification processes. Nanopharma is a member of SinBio, the Czech biotech group, where it collaborates closely and synergizes with companies working in cell therapy and regenerative medicine in human and veterinary practice. Nanopharma is a founding member of the leading Czech nanotech cluster, Nanoprogres. Nanopharma works with other members in the cluster on collective research projects in the area of preparing and applying nanofiber materials.

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Nova 306
53009 Pardubice

Phone: +420 734 266 109

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