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Dept. of Chemistry Rice University

Dept. of Chemistry Rice University

Chemistry at Rice is where innovation meets collaboration. Two Nobel laureates, dominance in the field of nanoscale science and technology, and significant contributions to both bioscience and materials science have propelled Rice University’s Department of Chemistry to unparalleled status over the past two decades.

The department provides a uniquely stimulating environment for scientific discoveries: we are world leaders in nanotechnology, home to two Nobel laureates and three members of the National Academy of Sciences, and one of only six NSF funded centers for nanoscale science and engineering. In addition to nanoscience, research projects in our department span a wide range of disciplines. Outstanding research in the traditional fields of organic, inorganic, physical and theoretical chemistry is paired with cutting edge cross-disciplinary research in bio-organic, bio-inorganic, bio-materials, and bio-physical chemistry.

Much of the research in the Chemistry Department is highly interdisciplinary, significantly contributing to the advancement of sciences at the intersection of a variety of fields. Many faculty members hold joint appointments including the departments of bioengineering, biochemistry and cell biology, chemical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, physics and astronomy, computer science, mechanical engineering and materials science, and the Baylor College of Medicine.

Please explore our web page to find out about exciting undergraduate, graduate and other research and education opportunities in the Rice department of Chemistry.

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Dept. of Chemistry Rice University

P.O. Box 1892, MS-60
TX, 77251-1892 Houston

Phone: 1 (713) 3484082

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