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Material Manufacturer

About Company

Founded in 2000, MEMS USA has progressed from a start up operation to a world-class new products systems integrator. MEMS USA offers competitive outsourcing advantages including state-of-the-art facility, management depth, training programs, leading edge technology, and advanced quality system. MEMS USA, Inc. offers a full service operation to support heavy industrials with value-added engineering, procurement, proto-typing, production, testing, packaging, and order fulfillment for introduction of new products. By controlling the entire process, we can offer the customer a higher return on investment (ROI), ensure quality, apply service level enhancements (SLE), as well as reduce the time required from production design to finished product in the market.

MEMS USA's ability to deliver such comprehensive service is a result of its most important competitive advantage - its team of employees, managers and its culture. MEMS's tangible accomplishments would not have been possible without developing an excellent total work force. The executive management have extensive experience, qualifications and are committed to the cooperative culture that has been created and to the corporate vision.

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5701 Lindero Canyon Rd., #2-100
CA, 91362 Westlake Village

Phone: 1 (818) 735 4750

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