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Particle Measuring Systems

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer
Component Supplier

About Company

Particle Measuring Systems has 35 years experience designing, manufacturing, and servicing microcontamination monitoring instrumentation and software used for detecting particles in air, liquid, and gas stream as well as molecular contamination monitoring. Specific applications include cleanroom monitoring, parenteral sampling, filter and in-line testing in deionized water and process chemicals, and point-of-use monitoring of inert gases and in-situ particle monitoring. Specialty monitoring includes parts cleanliness testing with a highly automated solution.

Particle Measuring Systems
Whether you want to protect product or meet industry requirements, such as ISO 14644, USP 797, or GMP, Particle Measuring Systems has a large variety of particle counters and molecular monitors to meet your needs. With 35 years experience, we have the proven reliability to support your application.

Particle Counters
Protect your product with our reliable particle counters. We have airborne, portable, and Liquid particle counters for a wide variety of applications including DI water, chemicals, and cleanroom monitoring. Compare particle counters or learn how to monitor your cleanroom or product by reading our papers.

Molecular Contamination Monitors
Molecular contamination creates costly problems to high value products, production processes, and equipment surfaces. We have solutions for both Airborne Molecular contamination (AMC) and Surface Molecular contamination (SMC). With parts-per-trillion limits of detection, real-time sampling, NIST traceable calibrations, and various data analysis packages, you can monitor in confidence.

Gas Detectors
If you need gas detectors for process control or continuous emissions monitoring, we can help. Get real-time, reliable results with our ammonia, hydrogen fluoride, and chlorine detectors for worker protections, CEMs, and pollution monitoring.

Sales Contact

Ms Nina Akindele

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Particle Measuring Systems

5475 Airport Blvd
Colorado, 80301 Boulder

Phone: 1 (303) 4437100

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