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Allegiance NanoSolutions

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Consulting and Analytical Testing

About Company

Allegiance NanoSolutions provides Analytical Testing & Consulting services for companies with emerging Nano and Micro technology based products. Our facilities help Start Ups, Mid Sized & Large Commercial & Industrial entities as well as Government Organizations throughout North America with Analytical Testing solutions. Allegiance NanoSolutions also supports a broad spectrum of Nanotechnology based research programs and contract manufacturing for private industry and government organizations.

Allegiance NanoSolutions core competencies is to apply strong analytical testing expertise in the field of Nanotechnology along with a world class facility to provide quality services that cater to our customer’s needs. Allegiance NanoSolutions brings a unique blend of services to Research and Product Development groups with international management and experience.


Allegiance NanoSolutions has the expertise to support companies in the Chemical, Materials, Biotechnology, as well as Pharmaceutical sector with their Nanotechnology testing, research and manufacturing needs.

To meet these goals, we have a team of talented and enthusiastic employees, who always strive to exceed the customer’s expectations. Each one of our Technical Staff member is a degreed scientist with expert knowledge in their respective field with well-documented experience, ensuring our customers that their analytical data, research project is being handled by well-trained, seasoned professionals.

We also maintain a high end facility with modern equipments that adds to our expertise in able to support our clients.

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Allegiance NanoSolutions

2400 Boston St., The Factory Building, Suite # 362
MD, 21224 Baltimore

Phone: 1 (410) 327 4726

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