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VTI Corporation

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Component Supplier

About Company

VTI Corporation offers a broad range of Sorption Analyzers, Thermogravimetric Analyzers and Relative-Humidity Generators, all for applications in product research and development, quality control and packaging.

We launched the sorption analysis field in the 1980’s! And today, as the recognized leader in sorption technology, we offer innovative sorption analyzers for the evaluation of pharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics and other consumer products, while also providing unique solutions for analyzing catalysts, zeolites, activated carbons and more.

For thermogravimetric analysis, we are pleased to announce the introduction of our new VTGA Systems for taking TGA work to high pressure levels!

VTI Analyzers are used in major commercial, academic and government research laboratories around the world...

  • Our SGA Series and MB Series Analyzers have been mainstays for water vapor and organic vapor studies for almost two decades.
  • Our HPVA and GHP Analyzers provide broad sorption testing capabilities for high temperature, high vacuum and high pressure applications.
  • And our new VTGA Analyzers offer unique, high pressure capabilities for TGA work to 150 Bars.

With the researcher in mind, the focus at VTI is all about...

  • Offering unique instrument designs and we’ll also customize them to handle your special testing needs!
  • Providing an extraordinary depth of applications experience in pharmaceuticals, foods, catalysts, zeolites, activated carbons and more to assist you in your work
  • Delivering impeccable technical service and expert installation/start-up/training assistance

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VTI Corporation

7650 West 26th Ave
FL, 33016 Hialeah

Phone: 1 (305) 8284700

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