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Malvern Instruments (USA)

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Malvern is a leading supplier of analytical solutions for particle characterization and rheological applications. Advanced measurement technologies are combined with robust mechanical designs and comprehensive data handling and automation software, to provide systems that are relevant across a wide range of industrial and fundamental research applications.

Material characterization data such as size distribution, particle shape, zeta potential, molecular weight, and bulk material properties, can be accurately and reproducibly measured using instruments from the Malvern range. Technologies used include laser diffraction, image analysis, laser Doppler electrophoresis, static and dynamic light scattering, capillary rheometry and strain controlled and stress controlled rheometry.

Operating from headquarters in the UK, Malvern has an established network of subsidiary organisations, local offices and distributors worldwide and provides the highest level of applications and technical support to its customers wherever they are located.

A highly developed and continually expanding programme of web-based information, education, training and support now plays a fundamental role in delivering on Malvern's commitment to share its expertise and experience with customers worldwide, and to ensure that they realize the maximum value from their instruments. An extensive library of technical documents, application notes, white papers and articles is available for download from Malvern's website; live, web-based particle characterization and rheology seminars allow interaction with experts in these fields; and on-demand multimedia presentations can be downloaded and experienced at the viewer!¦s convenience.

Characterizing nanoparticles

Since the physical and optical properties of nano-sized particles are related strongly to their size, there is a growing need for a reliable, accurate and rapid means of particle size measurement and materials characterization in the nanometer size range. The diversity of nanoparticles and their applications means that they are likely to be presented in a variety of formats and in concentrations ranging from the very dilute through to highly concentrated suspensions or emulsions. Being able to measure these particles in their native formats may be important. Dilution, for example, can disrupt finely balanced systems and give a misleading picture of the true particle size.

The technique of dynamic light scattering (DLS) is ideally suited to the determination of the size of particles in the nanometer range. The Malvern Zetasizer Nano series uses patented optics that provide exceptional levels of sensitivity and enable the determination of particle size in samples that contain very small particles and/or particles that are present at very low concentrations. In addition, the Zetasizer Nano!¦s novel backscatter optics allow the measurement of samples at much higher concentrations than is possible using conventional DLS instruments where a 90cX detection angle is the norm. The Zetasizer Nano series also offers combined size and zeta potential measurement in a single system allowing the generation of information important in determining dispersion stability and understanding and controlling the behavior of nanoparticles in dispersion. Malvern rheometers have applications in testing the bulk properties of materials, for example to demonstrate whether or not materials are suitably stabilized.

Properties that the Zetasizer Nano can determine include:

  • Particle size
  • Dispersion stability
  • Zeta potential
  • Rheological properties

Rheological Properties

Kinexus is a unique rheometer designed for tomorrow's research and business needs across all industries and application areas. Designed from the ground up it is the result of more than four years intensive product development.

Kinexus enables you to precisely analyze the rheological, or flow and deformation properties of your materials:

  • From liquids to solids.
  • From processability to product performance
  • From temperature to time dependence
  • From simple viscosity to complex viscoelastic parameters.

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Malvern are able to supply a comprehensive range of scientific equipment for the characterisation of particulate materials.

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Malvern Instruments (USA)

117 Flanders Road
Massachusetts, 01545 Westborough

Phone: 1 (508) 7686400

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