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Material Manufacturer

About Company

COLANDIS GmbH is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom-engineered cleanroom solutions for all branches of industry relying on cleanroom technology. Its capabilities profile ranges from consultancy, development and engineering design to manufacturing and acceptance of specific engineering solutions.

The COLANDIS GmbH workforce COLANDIS GmbH was founded on September 28th, 2001, as the legal successor of GbR (Cleanroom Technology Jena) which had been operating since 1996.

The spring of 2003 saw the completion of the company's new building in Kahla near Jena. Ever since, we have been able to work on an optimized 900-square-metre area of office and manufacturing floors. The new building is already prepared for future extensions in manufacturing floor space if required.

Manufacturing under clean room conditions is a matter of principle at COLANDIS. Manufacturing is done in our own production hall of ISO 8 air cleanness class under ISO 14644-1. More adjacent areas of ISO 5 and ISO 3 cleanliness class are available for use.

In addition, COLANDIS runs a separated, completely furnished mechanical workshop of its own with adequate facilities and resources to fabricate new developments under tight schedules or to flexibly respond to customers’ change requests.

A complete lab outfit of high-grade clean room test and measuring equipment allows us to handle all monitoring and test responsibilities which are associated with clean room technology, whether acceptance testing and air cleanness classification checks or cleanroom testing and testing for cleanroom fitness.

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Im Camisch 34
Germany 07768 Kahla


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