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Microstaq Inc

About Company

Microstaq designs, develops and manufactures high-performance MEMS (micro electro-mechanical systems) silicon valve systems capable of operating in normal to extreme flow control environments.

Founded in 2000 to bring MEMS technology to the flow control world of automotive systems, Microstaq is a MEMS-based engineering company dedicated to the application of microvalve technology to real world flow control systems.

The company is located in Bellingham, Washington, U.S.A., one hour south of Vancouver, British Columbia and two hours north of Seattle, WA.

Microstaq is a leading company in the design and application of MEMS microvalve technology for flow control systems.

Microstaq’s focus is to leverage the physical properties of silicon to achieve a wide range of flow control capabilities in most fluidic environments.

Microstaq, formerly known as Alumina Micro, was founded by Steve Booth and Jeff Chance. Steve and Jeff were business managers in the automotive air-conditioning and engine cooling industry. They started the company in western New York to address flow control opportunities in the air-conditioning and refrigeration industries. The company moved to Bellingham, WA in 2002.

Microstaq is currently focused on automotive fluid control application opportunities and invites other industries to investigate partnership opportunities with Microstaq for valve commercialization in their sectors of expertise.

The Microstaq valve is designed to operate in the harsh temperature and pressure environments typical to many automotive flow control systems.

Microstaq offers engineering design, development and test capability for today’s flow control industries. Our engineering capabilities include silicon design and process engineering, computational fluid dynamics for flow control systems, fluid flow component and system modeling, computer-aided design, product development and testing.

Microstaq valve technology allows flexible integration of system sensing and associated electronics for compact, closed-loop intelligent control. Product integration improves control functionality while lowering overall costs leading to increased customer product value.

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Microstaq Inc

1971 Midway Lane, Suite J
WA, 98226 Bellingham

Phone: +1 (360) 734 8220

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