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iMMCO Diagnostics Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

IMMCO Diagnostics incorporates pioneering research, clinical laboratory expertise, and novel medical devices into an innovative approach to autoimmune diagnostics. Since the beginning autoimmunity has been our focus. Supported by the strength of its research, proven track record and solid reputation, our company has developed from a specialized reference laboratory into an international organization offering high quality diagnostic products and services worldwide. At the same time, IMMCO takes pride the personalized attention to customer service that distinguishes the best neighborhood laboratories.

Our reference laboratory provides testing of patient biopsy and serum specimens for autoimmune disorders on a national level. This is an excellent resource for medical specialists and institutions interested in sending out testing for fast and reliable results.

IMMCO's manufacturing division supplies in vitro medical devices to laboratoties world-wide for higher volume assays. Both divisions benefit from a continual pipeline of original and proprietary tests designed by the IMMCO research and development team. Taken together, IMMCO provides the total solution in autoimmunity.

IMMCO is ideally positioned to exploit the unique synergies that exist across the business and to further leverage them for rapid growth. Our company is building a portfolio of proprietary technologies essential for developing diagnostic and therapeutic applications, while continually expanding the core business through internal initiatives and strategic partnerships.

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iMMCO Diagnostics Inc.

60 Pineview Drive
NY, 14228 Buffalo

Phone: 1 (800) 537 8378

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