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NANOPROTECT.CO.UK and NANOBIZ.PL Ltd. are young companies whose activities are focused on the most advanced nano-materials and nano-coatings for various purposes. Their products range from durable anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal coatings, to nano-photocatalyst coatings for air purification, and to permanent surface protection systems against dirt, liquids, graffiti, moisture, microorganisms, etc.

NANOPROTECT.CO.UK specializes in nano-coatings for broad variety of purposes, including building protection, automotive nano-coatings (invisible wipe or nano-wipe), stone and wood nano-coatings, easy-to-clean and permanent anti-graffiti systems and finally durable self-sanitizing coatings based on silver, etc.

NANOPROTECT.CO.UK cooperates with manufacturers and research centres located in Poland, Germany, South Korea and United States. The company partners hold the most advanced knowledge and experience in field of nano-technological products and services.

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Perla 10k St
D1browa Basin, 41-300 Dabrowa Gornicza

Phone: +48 (32) 440 12 03

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