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Canesta Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Canesta is the inventor of a revolutionary, low-cost electronic perception technology that enables machines and ordinary electronic devices to perceive and react to nearby objects or individuals in real time.

When sight-enabled with Canesta's unique electronic perception chips and software, consumer, automotive, industrial, military, and medical products can gain functionality and ease of use not possible in an era when such devices were blind.

Canesta believes future applications of electronic perception technology are virtually as broad as the imagination. They may include intelligent automobile airbag systems that can sense the size and position of an occupant to control deployment and avoid injury, a low-false-alarm security system that could detect the difference between an intruder and normal activity, such as a pet moving or child visiting the bathroom at night, or robotic tools that can successfully operate in a dynamic, rather than static environment.

Canesta was founded in April 1999, and is located in San Jose, CA. The company has filed in excess of forty patents, 12 of which have been granted so far. Investment to date exceeds $36 million, from Apax Partners, Carlyle Venture Partners, Intel Capital, JP Morgan Partners, Korea Global IT Fund (KGIF), TechFund Capital, Thales Corporate Ventures, and Venrock Associates.

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Canesta Inc.

440 N. Wolfe Road Suite 101
CA, 94085 Sunnyvale

Phone: 1 (408) 524 1430

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