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Electron Power Systems Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Electron Power Systems™ (EPS) has discovered a clean, non-polluting energy technology. It will enable clean electricity production for one-tenth its cost today. It will potentially lead to low-mass, high-energy power for cars, aircraft and space launch vehicles. It does not use fossil fuels, and does not produce pollution.

EPS has discovered a plasma toroid that remains stable without magnetic confinement, by using background gas pressure for confinement instead. These plasma toroids are observed to remain stable for thousands of times longer than classical plasma toroids, which opens the way for new clean energy applications.

In the 1970's, Dr. Wells at the U of Miami collided two plasma toroids to produce low-level fusion energy in the TRISOPS system. The amount of energy produced was limited by the short duration time of the plasma toroids used, as well as their low density and their low level of energy. The new EPS stable plasma toroids will overcome each of these limitations, and will potentially produce practical fusion with no magnetic containment required, thus producing a microfusion reactor. Our challenge is to adapt the new stable plasma toroid to the TRISOPS method.

We are an early stage company working to develop the microfusion reactor. From this will come new applications, including a practical microfusion electricity generator, a low-cost space launch vehicle, a high-kinetic energy anti-missile beam, and practical zero-emission cars and jet aircraft. These are detailed on our applications page.

EPS is moving to commercialize these concepts. EPS has assembled a team of engineers, plasma physicists, and a strategic partner in a large aerospace company. We are working on proof of concept demonstrations of the applications. EPS plans to build a laboratory demonstration unit in three years, and then the first commercial prototype.

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Electron Power Systems Inc.

42 Washington Drive
MA, 01720 Acton

Phone: 1 (978) 263 3871

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