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Omodo GmbH

About Company

Omodo develops 'Zelfo' material a nano level fibre bonding technology that delivers an economic, adaptable and sustainable solution in a commercial world.

Omodo is the patent owner of the Zelfo material process which is also the basis of materials known as Zeoform or Hempstone which are produced by some of our license holders. Zelfo is a sustainable alternative for many plastics, hardwoods, composite boards and metals. Zelfo is made from 100% renewable and/or recycled cellulose based materials and is biodegradable. Formed using only fibre and water Zelfo can be integral to a complete 'raw material to end product' manufacturing system or conditioned (dried) to be further processed by an end product manufacturer. We license the Zelfo process to end users who intend to produce Zelfo themselves for use in their own products. Zelfo applications include: Architectural Interior finishes, Automotive, Furniture, Interior Lighting, 'Life Style' products, Loudspeakers, Musical Instruments.

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Omodo GmbH

Am Wasserturm 1, (Toepferstrasse)
16247 Joachimsthal

Phone: +49 (0) 33361 64931

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