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Aspex Corp - Microanalysis Systems

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About Company

Since its inception, ASPEX has dedicated itself to becoming the recognized expert in automated microanalysis software and instrumentation. Over recent years, ASPEX has expanded its focus to supply automated microcontamination quality-control systems to customers with particle contamination and manufacturing cleanliness problems, as well as innovative microanalysis solutions for monitoring the dynamics of wear and structural fatigue in engines, motors, and other mechanical systems as part of predictive maintenance programs.

Our mission at ASPEX is to bring our customers A TOTAL SOLUTION to their microanalysis requirements in everyday production environments - solutions that can help them achieve new standards of product quality, reduce operating and warranty costs, and enhance their bottom lines.

ASPEX introduced the "PC" of scanning electron microscopes, now known as the ASPEX PSEM, to the world in 1992. In so doing, we brought SEM technology out of the lab and onto the factory floor and made it a practical, cost-effective microanalysis solution for other high-volume production environments. This technology platform, our flagship product, is now in its third generation. It has consistently provided customers with a reliable workhorse solution for their general microanalysis needs.

We recently expanded our product line to incorporate new systems specifically designed to meet the factory-floor quality-control needs of the pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

Rather than having to deal with multiple vendors, and the complexities of trying to integrate different technologies, we provide a seamless, totally integrated solution, combining imaging AND elemental compositional analysis - WITH automated control software, a complete set of statistical analysis and reporting tools, AND comprehensive data management and data integrity solutions - as a single package that is controlled by a Windows(r)-based management system. The result is one system, from one vendor - with unmatched performance, at a cost of ownership that is significantly lower than the cost of purchasing and operating separate components.

No other vendor can make these claims.

That's why leading organizations such as Ford, Pfizer, DaimlerChrysler, and the U.S. Air Force have turned to ASPEX to address their most demanding microcontamination and QC requirements.

We are committed to continuing to provide ASPEX customers with state-of-the-art tools designed to meet their demanding and ever-changing application-specific requirements.

We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how ASPEX technology can help your organization achieve new standards of excellence.

Sales Contact

Mr Thomas Powers
Field Sales Director

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Aspex Corp - Microanalysis Systems

Suite 200, 175 Sheffield Drive
Pennsylvania, 15626 Delmont

Phone: 1 (724) 4685400 x 232

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